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Manufacturers, distributors, and 3PLs are joining retailers in the quest for real-time inventory and fulfillment data. In order to maintain a competitive edge, they are leaving behind stand-alone siloed systems and embracing technology that offers transparency across the supply chain. The Mio mobile app platform serves as a critical enabler of this digital transformation of deliveries and fulfillment expectations. Customer centric deliveries and fulfillment adds considerable complexity, driving the need for reliable and accurate visibility and last-mile tracking capabilities. Delivery is the most personal touch point you have with a customer. Delayed deliveries, in-correct loads and deliveries, mis-routed deliveries, unaccounted time, un-reconciled deliveries and manual POD’s are inefficiencies that can be dealt with very quickly by implementing the Mio mobile app platform – deliveries and fulfillment solution. You can now plan, schedule, route, dispatch, monitor trip status, ePOD’s all in real time. Combine all these with on device customer information; taking returns, pre-trip vehicle inspections, real time tracking and tracing – and you have a deliveries solution that will add tremendous value to both your business and your customer satisfaction.

Customer Centric Deliveries and Fulfillment
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Delivery planning & sequencing


Real time updates


Improved route execution


Improved order fulfillment speed


Effective dispatching


Order fulfillment accuracy

Mio mobile app platform - Creating Deliveries & Fulfillment Efficiencies
Delivery planning
Route & delivery merging
Vehicle management
Picking & dropping
Vehicle & route tracking
Paperless environment
At stop activities
eSignatures & ePOD’s
Dashboards & Reports

The last mile Solution for Deliveries and Fulfillment

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