Route to Market Software Solutions

Mio mobile app platform’s solutions such as SFA, Distributor management system, Deliveries & fulfillment, Retail execution, Van sales and Direct store deliveries work in tandem to provide the perfect architecture for digitization and automation of an enterprise’s Route to market execution process. With Mio RTM it is now possible to redistribute your workforce in ways that serve channels & customers in a differentiated and effective fashion, while controlling costs and complexity. Geographic expansion, growth in customers and product lines along with the dictates of competition, have created an urgent need to not only re-evaluate and redesign existing RTM execution models, but also to automate them. Companies that are successful in this endeavor can right-size their workforce and better allocate their talent. They can bolster product presence and customer experience at the point of sale, and devote greater effort to strategic and high pro t SKUs, while reducing their overall cost-to-serve. In short, they can cut costs and grow stronger.

RTM Execution to Win
Route to Market

Increased customer acquisition

Increased revenues

Increased channel satisfaction

Increased efficiencies

Enhanced customer experience

Lower cost to serve

Automate your RTM Execution with Mio RTM
Route planning & management
Distributor/Channel management
Orders, Sale & Pre-selling
Deliveries & Fulfillment
Workforce management
Direct store deliveries
Van sales

“The work is really about perfecting our Execution”

Muhtar Kent (Chairman – The Coca Cola Company)

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