Distribution Management System

Mio Distributor Management System (DMS) is a powerful solution addressing the challenges and complexities that come from both formal and informal channels with regards to managing hundreds of geographically spread distributors, many thousands of outlets and millions of transactions. Mio DMS combines core distribution processes along with operational execution tools for both manufacturers and channels, such as sales force automation, promotions management, deliveries & fulfillment, returns and collections, merchandising and other such essential distribution and route to market digital tools supported by anywhere – anytime cloud and mobile technology. Mio DMS helps you take control of your channels, gain visibility, focus your efforts and support your distributors towards increased channel effectiveness and improved profitability.


Retail Execution

Poor execution at the point of sale can contribute to lost sales coupled with the fact that consumers are indicating that their loyalty towards brands are low, and that in-store purchases are still impulse buys. Sales reps/merchies often waste time and resources on poor routes: driving highways instead of sales. With Mio mobile app platform’s – Retail execution or merchandising solution, business now can execute a more consistent, targeted and timely retail execution strategy, or in simple terms accelerate business performance and avoid costly detours? Businesses can now deploy all crucial elements of retail execution which includes visit planning and scheduling, workforce tracking and tracing, store orders, update store details, store level allocations and replenishments, deals and promos, store activities and workflows, planogram compliance, dynamic forms for customization, store insights and integrating to back-end systems if required.


Route to Market

Mio mobile app platform’s solutions such as SFA, Distributor management system, Deliveries & fulfillment, Retail execution, Van sales and Direct store deliveries work in tandem to provide the perfect architecture for digitization and automation of an enterprise’s Route to market execution process. With Mio RTM it is now possible to redistribute your workforce in ways that serve channels & customers in a differentiated and effective fashion, while controlling costs and complexity. Geographic expansion, growth in customers and product lines along with the dictates of competition, have created an urgent need to not only re-evaluate and redesign existing RTM execution models, but also to automate them. Companies that are successful in this endeavor can right-size their workforce and better allocate their talent. They can bolster product presence and customer experience at the point of sale, and devote greater effort to strategic and high pro t SKUs, while reducing their overall cost-to-serve. In short, they can cut costs and grow stronger.