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Enterprise Mobility Management

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The Mio platform addresses the challenges deploying Mobile Apps by managing the diversity of devices, networks and user groups at the time of deployment and throughout the Application’s lifecycle. Unlike standalone apps, the Mio Platform provides a comprehensive, long-term approach to deploying enterprise mobility. Enterprises can now easily address the various challenges of integrating their MDM, MAM and MIM’s solutions and ensuring that a unified security, policy and compliance architecture can be applied across all mobile assets.

Device management

The Mio platform provides an easy way to manage your devices. Whether you deploy corporate devices, or your employees bring their own (BYOD). The Mio Platform also enables you to enroll devices in your enterprise environment quickly, configure and update device settings over-the-air, and secure mobile devices and manage device life cycle right through decommissioning.

Mobile settings
Mobile App Management

Mobile Application Management

Regulate the distribution of business apps while providing your mobile users all the apps they need. Apps can be installed silently and deployed without any user interaction required. This makes it easy for your mobile workforce and keeps them up-to-date and effective without interrupting their work.

Mobile Content Management

The Mio platform’s “secure docs” – allows you to control your valuable enterprise content. With secure docs, you can set rules for who sees what documents and what they are allowed to do with them. Enable productivity in a secure way on mobile devices by giving your employees access to the documents they need. Your users remain productive and can collaborate in a secure way.

Mobile Content Management
Mobile Security Management

Mobile Security Management

The Mio platform protects the integrity of your IT environment by incorporating identity, context, and privacy enforcement to set the appropriate level of access to enterprise data and services. The Mio platform uses industry leading encryption technology to ensure that data on the device, on removable media, on air and on cloud platform remains private and secure.

Mobile Expense Management

With Mio platform you can configure mobile device and travel expenses to monitor expenses vis a vis budgets, expense by mobile operators, by device platforms, by geographies, by business territories, by users, by roaming thereby providing you with better management and control of your mobile workforce communication and travel expenses.

Mobile Expense Management
Enterprise App Store

Enterprise App Store

Using the Mio platform enterprise app store, you can create a branded app store for corporate approved apps, custom apps, third party apps, public apps which your users with BYOD policies, company device users, business partners and other such ecosystem participants can access, download and install or receive notifications to install.

Messaging and Notifications

A Mio platform push notification using APNS and GCM allows users to receive mobile alerts even when the device screen is locked and the Mio platform business app pushing the notification is closed. For example the user receives alerts or notifications of an incoming work order or customer registration approval from Mio platform keeping them upto date and effective in their field execution. In addition Mio platform supports built-in email and SMS gateways.

Mobile Notifications

Identity Management

Mobile ID Management

In addition to being able to manage users and ACLs within the platform itself, Mio Platform provides a seamless mechanism for connecting into enterprise identity services via Integration with identity providers allowing Mio Platform business apps to support enterprise sign-ins. For example for enterprise applications, it is common to support LDAP authentication into systems such as Microsoft Active Directory.

Location Based Services

Mio Platform delivers real time location of every mobile user and can be used for tracking, locating customers, geo tagging mobile transactions e.g. proof of delivery, geo fencing, route mapping, attendance and compliance. It also provides the ability to follow the route taken by the mobile user and calculate mileage and speed alongwith with multiple geographical queries making your workforce and business operations more effective and efficient




Mio Platform supports truly native disconnected client database, enabling users to work without network availability. With continuous auto background synchronization including delta synchronization of client dataset as well as dataset management between the client and server, Mio Platform provides a seamless and secure experience with or without network connectivity.

Business Gateway for Integration

One of the big differences between enterprise apps and consumer apps is that enterprise apps almost always need to integrate with systems of record, including relational databases such as Oracle, SQL or ERP applications such as SAP, SAGE, MICROSOFT DYNAMICS and various other ERP systems or payment gateways etc. MIO MAP’s Business gateway is a pre-built for integration mapping services and provides connectors via SOAP/XML, REST web services, Odata, BAPI’s and FTP for secure and data flow between MIO MAP and the target system.

Mobile Business Gateway

Connect and Collaborate

Connect Collab

Mio Connect is a solution for real time group communications which helps in connecting and collaborating with remote and distributed teams regardless of where they are. Mio Connect, is built for business messaging and collaboration combining the power of group chat and the simplicity of a consumer IM service providing a communication and collaboration solution for the workplace.

Dynamic Mobile Forms & Workflows

With Mio Platform you can build flexible, programming-free dynamic forms for your mobile users. Whether you want to improve productivity, increase visibility into operations, gain an edge over your competition, or delight your customers, our dynamic forms builder solution will help in every way. Transform your field-based business processes with flexible mobile forms. Take advantage of real-time data, and experience two-way information flow between the field and the office.

Forms & Workflows

Photos and Signature Capture

Mobile photos

Photo Capture

Mio Platform photo capture capabilities automates and accelerates your business processes by capturing all types of paper and electronic documents and forms, transforming them into accurate and actionable information, and delivering it all into your Mio Platform business applications, processes and workflows and forms.

Digital Signature Capture

With Mio Platform you can quickly and easily capture signatures on your mobile device. Once captured, the signature is uploaded to the Mio Platform business applications and will be visible when viewing the submission. On many devices, you can sign with either your finger or
a stylus.

Mobile Signature

Mobile Barcode Scanning

Barcode Scanning

With Mio Platform barcode scanning solution, you can easily scan and track stock or asset data on the fly. It helps you to streamline your stock and asset related data to and from Mio Platform business applications, processes and workflows.

Planning and Scheduling

Mio Platform workforce planning and scheduling solution is an advanced scheduling and real-time mobility solution built cloud and mobile first. The solution incorporates forward planning of resource utilisation vis a vis customers and task assignment taking account of availability, skills, working time, geographical or logistical constraints. The solution supports mobile workforce in any kind or size of company and offline and online and can be implemented easily and rapidly for immediate results.


Planning & Scheduling

Track & Trace

Track trace

The Mio platform track and trace feature uses the GPS unit associated with the mobile device to determine the current latitude and longitude of the device at a given schedule and send the co-ordinates back to the Mio platform. The co-ordinates represent the exact position of the device at the time of the request along with where the device has been since the request was initiated.

NFC Tags

Mio platform provides support for in-app configured Near field communication (NFC) application use case options. This opens up a wide range of use case options from simple tags just offer read/write semantics containing some one time programmable areas to make read-only or complex use cases using math operations, as well as access control and authentication.




Mio platform supports a range of analytics solutions providing access to pre-built dashboards and reports via the Mio portal and Mio device app. Or optionally feel free to build reports, dashboards or analyze data through the touch enabled interface of our supported BI platform. Fact-based decisions, powered by Mio platform’s analytics, enable organizations to more accurately define their strategy and be successful.