Direct Store Delivery Software Solutions

Mio mobile app platforms’ direct store delivery (DSD) orchestrates the complex process of selling and distributing goods directly to the final point of sale. Mio DSD is a sales and distribution solution that integrates territory and account planning with sales activities, and supports workforce role based functionality and the entire DSD process from start to finish by roles or mixed use roles such as delivery drivers, sales reps and pre-sellers, van sellers, mixed-role employees, supervisors and administrators. The solution manages sales reps activities including visit planning, pre-selling, van selling, taking orders and returns, pricing and promotions, audits and surveys, credit checks and similar activities which may vary by customer, brand, and channel. With Mio DSD solution you can now execute your “perfect store” strategy’s execution effectively and give your consumers a better chance of finding the right product in stock, at the right time, at the right price. This will not only maximize your revenue, but also drives positive brand equity for your company and the retailer.

Role based functionality for DSD workforce
Direct Store Deliveries


Efficient & effective
routes & visits


Workforce efficiency
& reduced costs




Drive positive
brand equity

Manage the entire DSD process with Mio
Mixed used roles
Visit planning & scheduling
Pre-selling, sales & deliveries
Orders & returns
Pricing, promotions & discounts
Activities & workflows
Retail execution
EOD stock recon

Maximize revenue and drive positive brand equity with Mio DSD

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