Distribution Management System

Mio Distributor Management System (DMS) is a powerful solution addressing the challenges and complexities that come from both formal and informal channels with regards to managing hundreds of geographically spread distributors, many thousands of outlets and millions of transactions. Mio DMS combines core distribution processes along with operational execution tools for both manufacturers and channels, such as sales force automation, promotions management, deliveries & fulfillment, returns and collections, merchandising and other such essential distribution and route to market digital tools supported by anywhere – anytime cloud and mobile technology. Mio DMS helps you take control of your channels, gain visibility, focus your efforts and support your distributors towards increased channel effectiveness and improved profitability.

Mio DMS – Features
Distribution Management System
Sales force automation
Van/Route sales management
Trade loyalty
Deliveries management
Asset tracking
Promotions management
Inventory & warehouse management
Distributor portal
Mio DMS - A comprehensive secondary sales management solution

Take control of your
distribution channels

Increase channel

Gain visibility
of channel operations

Focus your

Support your

Improve channel

Distribution Management in real-time

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