Welcome to a world of Seamless Digital Commerce

Welcome to an exciting and rapidly evolving space of seamless digital commerce.

We offer businesses like yours a range of opportunities to grow and improve your operations, by embracing the latest digital technologies and tools, available via our Mio App Platform. You can now provide your business and your customers with a seamless and personalized digital experience that will set you apart from your competitors.

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Un-lock RTM 3.0
with Mio App Platform


Mio App Platform transforms the traditional focus on a pipeline—a sequential, process-oriented route to market model—into multifaced relationships with a variety of eco system participants. On the Mio App Platform, value is not created by following a process only, but by facilitating transactions between a variety of stakeholders thereby enhancing the potential interactions with frequency and volume. Businesses can now benefit from an increase in network effects, resulting in positioning themselves as an orchestrator of the ecosystem. They can control and coordinate the flow of information and use advanced analytics to gain an understanding of the entire ecosystem.

01. Increased Efficiency

Automate operational processes thereby reducing the need for manual intervention. Streamline operations, leading to cost savings and faster transaction times.

02. Greater Access to Markets

Improve market access and grow business by streamlining processes, operational efficiencies and gain valuable insights into your market and customers.

03. Improved Customer Experiences

Interact both digitally and in hybrid mode with customers and personalize their experiences, leading to increased satisfaction, loyalty and retention.

04. Enhanced Data Insights

Mio app platform provides businesses with valuable insights on customer behaviour, trends and performance, for decision making and strategy development.

05. Adapting to changing market conditions

By leveraging data and automation, you can respond to market changes effectively and adapt to changing market conditions, while staying ahead of competition.

Platforming your Digital Commerce
Key Benefits

01. Seamless Digital Commerce

Frictionless and consistent experience across all operational and customer engaging touch points, both in digital and hybrid mode creating a seamless and unified experience leading to increased customer loyalty, repeat purchase, retention and revenue growth.

02. eCommerce

B2B and B2C eCommerce available from a single platform. Delivering engaging and personalized mobile B2C experiences to consumers, while also offering rich B2B experience for the unique and complex requirements of businesses.

03. Hybrid Digital Commerce

Our single platform supports combination of online digital channels as well as hybrid channels supporting traditional physical engagement with the customers across multiple touch points.  

04. Purpose built for Digital Commerce

Specifically designed to support and optimize digital commerce operations enabling businesses to streamline operations and improve customer experience in quick time.

05. Scalability

Enterprise grade SaaS based digital commerce capability, handling large volume of customers, users, SKU’s, brands, sub-brands, geographies roles, multiple companies etc. all possible under single administration.

06. Security

Providing enterprise level security supporting multi factor authentication, role access, data encryption and supported by network security mechanisms, monitoring and auditing and complaint with GDPR and other data security measures.

07. Data analytics

Make better decisions about product development, product availability, sales and distribution strategies and other such critical business activities via insights provided by deep data analytics supported by the Mio app platform.

08. Connectivity

Integrate with ERP, CRM, Payment gateways and other such systems with the dynamic API’s available in the Mio app platform. Keep your data in sync for various reporting requirements with BI tools.

09. Rapid deployment

Accelerate your digital commerce initiatives and stay competitive in a rapidly changing market, with our purpose built digital commerce solutions supported by agile deployment practices, automation, containerization and cloud services.


Our Digital Business Solutions

More flexibility. More Sales. Less Friction.

The primary goal of our digital business solutions is to help businesses operate more efficiently by streamlining processes, eliminating manual tasks, improve customer engagement and satisfaction. Additionally, our solutions provide valuable insights of your business, customer behaviour and market trends to enable businesses to make better decisions about product development, marketing strategies and other critical business activities.

Route To Market

Scale operations, increase efficiencies, reduce errors, improve customer satisfaction and enter new markets quickly and effectively by digitizing and automating your RTM processes


Mio eCommerce

Manage operations, reach a broader audience, reduce costs, operate efficiently and offer customers a seamless experience with Mio B2B, B2B2C and D2C digital commerce solutions


Mio eMarketplace

Mio eMarketplace solution allows businesses of all sizes to deploy their own B2B or B2C vertical or horizontal eCommerce marketplace with minimal upfront investment.


Mio Direct to Consumer

Implement a successful D2C solution with the Mio App Platform, which automatically provides you with a robust technology infrastructure, mobile eCommerce and RTM tools.


Mio App Platform – Modular RTM Services

Mio App Platform – Modular RTM Services