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eCommerce marketplaces have become a ubiquitous part of modern digital trade. The Mio eMarketplace solution allows businesses of all sizes to deploy their own B2B or B2C vertical or horizontal eCommerce marketplace with minimal upfront investment.

eCommerce marketplaces have become a crucial part of modern digital trade landscape. By providing a purpose built, cloud and mobile eCommerce platform for both the supply and demand chains participants supporting both supply and demand chain business processes, our Mio eMarketplace offers increased efficiency, improved access to new customers and transforms physical trade to digital substantially. As eCommerce continues to grow rapidly, your own eCommerce marketplace will become an even more important part of your overall business strategy.

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The Next Wave of eCommerce

Build your own Digital Marketplace – Benefit your Ecosystem

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Enable flexible and modular business scenarios for your supply and demand value chains. Create B2B or B2B2C marketplace in a one to many or many to many mode. Implement readymade experiences for your stakeholders, be it manufacturers, distributors, retailers and consumers. Offer buyers digital catalogues, granular pricing, promotions, discounts, loyalty, omni channel ordering, fulfilment and much more. Add new channels, specific targeted audiences or consumers with a variety of pre-built touchpoints. Mio eMarketplace has everything you need to operate a digital marketplace from one platform.

01. United ecosystem

Create a one to many or many to many united ecosystem around your brand(s) with self service apps, portals, digital catalogues, offers and many more features.

02. Unlock digital wholesale

Use pre-built business processes to build a complete digital wholesale ecosystem for distributors, wholesalers, bulk breakers and other such intermediaries.

03. Multiple types of eMarketplaces

Supports various eMarketplace models such as supplier oriented for e-distribution or buyer oriented marketplace for
e-procurement or intermediary marketplace.

04. Integrated payments and lending

Unlock new business opportunities with integrated payments and lending processes. Support for in-direct business models for invoicing or factoring available.

05. API driven architecture

Enabling communications between applications across the marketplace value chains, supporting for instance multi-vendor catalogues with accurate SKU’s, pricing etc.

Key Benefits of Mio eMarketplace

Technology is making a difference

01. eMarketplace for any business model

eMarketplace supporting multiple business models and variations such as eMarketplace for wholesale/distribution, eMarketplace for procurement, eMarketplace for retail, eMarketplace for B2C commerce.

02. Vertical and Horizontal eMarketplace

Create your own vertical eMarketplace focusing on an individual niche or create a horizontal eMarketplace supporting multiple categories of products with a secondary character in common.

03. Faster time to market

Mio eMarketplace is purpose built for enterprise grade eMarketplace business model, meaning less customizations, faster iterations and reduced time-to-market (TTM), providing you with a competitive edge. Reach sooner to market dynamics and stay one step ahead of competition.

04. Flexible eMarketplace features out-of-the-box

Mio eMarketplace is designed to be easily configurable and adaptable to meet the specific needs of various business models without requiring extensive custom development work.

05. Scalability

Enterprise grade SaaS based eMarketplace capabilities, handling large volume of customers, users, SKU’s, brands, sub-brands, geographies, roles, multiple companies etc. All possible under a single administration.

06. Security

Providing enterprise level security supporting multi factor authentication, role access, data encryption and supported by network security mechanisms, monitoring and auditing and complaint with GDPR and other data security measures.

07. Data analytics

Make better decisions about product development, product availability, sales and distribution strategies and other such critical business activities via insights provided by deep data analytics supported by the Mio eCommerce.

08. Connectivity

Integrate with ERP, CRM, Payment gateways and other such systems with the dynamic API’s available in Mio eMarketplace. Keep your data in sync for various reporting requirements with BI tools.

09. Lower your total cost of ownership (TCO)

Being purpose built and native to cloud and the mobile, makes Mio eMarketplace a leaner solution compared to open source platforms, translating into a lower TCO for businesses. Simplified deployments due to out-of-box features and flexibility results in quick time to market, meaning a lower TCO with a faster return on investment.

10. Extensible growth

Mio eMarketplace offers robust API coverage, an expansive extensions store, and a customization-ready platform to ensure your eMarketplace platform grows with your business.

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Mio App Platform

Digital Business Solutions

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The primary goal of our digital business solutions is to help businesses operate more efficiently by streamlining processes, eliminating manual tasks, improve customer engagement and satisfaction. Additionally, our solutions provide valuable insights of your business, customer behaviour and market trends to enable businesses to make better decisions about product development, marketing strategies and other critical business activities.

Route To Market

Scale operations, increase efficiencies, reduce errors, improve customer satisfaction and enter new markets quickly and effectively by digitizing and automating your RTM processes


Mio eCommerce

Manage operations, reach a broader audience, reduce costs, operate efficiently and offer customers a seamless experience with Mio B2B, B2B2C and D2C digital commerce solutions


Mio eMarketplace

Mio eMarketplace solution allows businesses of all sizes to deploy their own B2B or B2C vertical or horizontal eCommerce marketplace with minimal upfront investment.


Mio Direct to Consumer

Implement a successful D2C solution with the Mio App Platform, which automatically provides you with a robust technology infrastructure, mobile eCommerce and RTM tools.


Mio App Platform – Modular RTM Services

Mio App Platform – Modular RTM Services