Self Service Ordering Software Solutions

The traditional model of call center ordering or salesmen visits for order taking is attracting criticism for being reactive, repetitive, non-agile, full of errors and takes too long to service. These traditional ordering processes struggle to keep up with both customer expectations and experience and profoundly affect business performance and competitiveness. You can now innovate and automate your ordering processes to a multi channel approach with Mio mobile app platform & be a 24×7 business while improving your customer experience and reducing operational costs. Mio addresses all crucial elements of your SSO requirements for both B2B and B2C audience via both web and mobile channels. The solution supports personalization for the customer user, while extending the platform’s powerful pricing, discounting and promotions functionalities to the SSO process. Mio’s SSO solution automatically weaves into Mio’s deliveries and fulfillment and DSD solutions to provide you with seamless operational execution. Mio’s SSO solution is a comprehensive, fully-featured, cost-effective, integrated software solution for automating & streamlining your multi channel ordering process, and helping you create a more efficient and productive business.

Empower the customer with Mio SSO technology
Self Service Ordering
Benefits of Mio SSO Technology
Streamlines order processes
Eliminate duplicate tasks
Increased efficiencies
24/7 availability without the overhead
Build brand equity & goodwill
Improved profitability
Fewer resources to manage
Reduced operational costs
Greater customer satisfaction

Innovate & Automate your ordering system with Mio SSO

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