Mobile Van Sales Automation Software Solutions

Mio mobile app platform’s Van sales solution addresses all the crucial elements to better manage the van sales, cash van and deliveries process and improve customer service while lowering operating costs. The Van sales solution places a host of automated functions in the hands of van sales and delivery workers, supporting all aspects of the van sales and delivery process from office-based control functions to field force automation. The solution allows you to plan, assign, dispatch, execute, monitor, reconcile and audit all activities related to the van and the route. Your drivers and reps can apply customer specific pricing, discounting and promotions as well as have access to previous order history to assist with ordering, plus complete retail execution for merchandising, shelf inventory management, promotional compliance, audits and surveys. The system has full integration for barcode scanning, signature capture, mobile printing, GPS and image capture resulting in all transactions, sales visits or deliveries being completely transparent to the office and the customer. Mio’s Van sales solution is a comprehensive, fully-featured, cost-effective, integrated software solution for automating transactions and streamlining your van sales process, and helping you create a more efficient and productive delivery and sales team.

Supercharge your Van Sales with Mio Mobile App Platform

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Improved customer experience

Van Sales
Increasing Van Sales and Improving Cash Flows
Promotions & schemes
Van capacity & loading
Multiple payment methods
Real time view
Van stock & cash recon
Inventory Management
Retail execution/Merchandising
Comprehensive pricing & discounts
Route planning & Scheduling

Boosting Van Sales with Capabilities and Convenience of Cloud and Mobility

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